Our Prosperity depends
on Green Plants and Rock
Making Business work for
You, Nature and the Future
In Wildness
is the Preservation
of the World
(H.D. Thoreau, 1817-1862)

Publicity, outreach, training and workshops

Elaboration of outreach publications

For instance the “Community Guidelines for accessing forestry voluntary carbon markets”, for the FAO SE Asia (Community Guidelines); the brochure “Making REDD work” for GIZ (see publication page on this website); a manual for communities that want to measure and monitor forests – part of a larger project financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see: communitycarbonforestry.org  and the publication page of this website); and, co-authoring of the publication “the role of mining and metals in land use and adaptation” for the ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals; see icmm.com).

Trainings and workshops

Throughout the years Eveline Trines has organized many workshops and trainings. For instance, in east Africa she organized the internal training of all staff of a large firm that reforested degraded land in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique, introducing new concepts such as CDM, VCS, FSC, CCBS and ISO to dozens of employees. But she also introduces the concept of carbon offsetting in the forestry sector to civil servants, environmental NGOs, aid organization and institutes and the like, for instance in Pakistan, Fiji, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Teaching and public speaking

Eveline Trines annually gives guest lectures at either Wageningen University and/or the van Hall Larenstein Institute / Forestry College in the Netherlands about Forestry, Climate Change, Good and Services and PES. See also the broadcast on Dutch public television http://kassa.vara.nl/tv/afspeelpagina/fragment/hoe-positief-is-co2-positief/speel/1/ ; or, the video of her presentation “Designing National REDD Programs from the Bottom-Up” at the Katoomba Group Meeting in Mexico; More information

Contribution to the Forestry Investment workshop of Tropenbos International and the FAO

Tropenbos International and the FAO brought together close to a 100 million worth in forest investments on all continents, with forest financiers. In the run-up to that 3 day event, the forestry projects were assisted with putting together credible business cases and appealing ‘elevator pitches’. Eveline Trines was invited to co-organise and host the event which took place in 2011 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. More information and the workshop report