Our Prosperity depends
on Green Plants and Rock
Making Business work for
You, Nature and the Future
In Wildness
is the Preservation
of the World
(H.D. Thoreau, 1817-1862)

Project design and implementation

Malawi: communities growing Jatropha for biofuels

Eveline Trines/Silvestrum worked with project proponents for 4 years, assisting in the design and certification of a VCS Grouped ARR Project activity with over 25.000 participating farmer families that are utilising degraded and marginal land for the establishment of Jatropha curcas hedgerows, mainly along fields and homesteads. For more information on the project which is registered with the VCS. More information

Ecuador: identifying options for REDD projects

A pre-selection of 10 options for REDD+ project activities were identified by Profafor, Ecuador. Eveline Trines recommended – after a reconnaissance trip visiting the sites – which options would be most suitable and certifiable as VCS projects. Silvestrum, her previous firm, also assisted with the subsequent project design of the selected projects in the Amazon watershed, working with various indigenous communities. The work is still ongoing and involves the avoidance of illegal logging and introduction of sustainable forest management.

Malaysia: Forest rehabilitation in Sabah

Silvestrum, the former firm of Eveline Trines, developed the now approved VCS methodology VM0005 which was particularly developed to accommodate the creation of the carbon asset resulting from this project. The project has been validated and verified since then. For more details see the VCS project database (ID 672). More information

Bolivia: Auditing the world’s 1st ever REDD+ Project - the Noel Kempff Mercado Climate Action Project

One of the earliest REDD+ projects is the Noel Kempff Mercado Climate Action Project in the eastern lowlands of Bolivia. It emerged before any rules were set by the UNFCCC or the voluntary market. Eveline Trines was the team leader of the international team that conducted the audits on the project design and implementation. More information about the project

Uganda: reforestation with indigenous species

The project activity in Kibale National Park (KNP) is implemented by Uganda Wildlife Authority in cooperation with Face the Future. The purpose of the project activity is to realize multiple socio-economic and environmental benefits through restoring forest vegetation on degraded lands. Before any rules existed for this type of project SGS assessed the project against the requirements of their Carbon Offset Verification (COV) program. Eveline Trines was the lead auditor as program manager of that COV service. The project is now VCS verified. For more details see the VCS project database (ID 673). More information

East Africa: reforestation with pine and eucalypt

As part-time director for certification Eveline Trines was responsible for the certification of operations in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique. She introduced FSC, VCS, CCBS and ISO 14000 in the company and various locations have achieved certification since, amongst which approved project IDs 142 and 799 in the VCS project database. More information