Our Prosperity depends
on Green Plants and Rock
Making Business work for
You, Nature and the Future
In Wildness
is the Preservation
of the World
(H.D. Thoreau, 1817-1862)

Environmental Services

Sweden: Payments for Environmental Services

PES systems are not only relevant to developing countries. Also wise land use and sustainable forest management in industrialized countries is high in demand but not always paid-for. Forest Trends was invited by Sveskog to conduct a feasibility study on their landholdings to monitize the environmental services that their forests provide to the global community. Eveline Trines looked into the carbon aspects as one of the 4 experts that were contracted to conduct the feasibility study, whilst the others covered water and biodiversity functions. Read more about Sveskog Read more about the PES work of Forest Trends

Papua New Guinea: Payments for Environmental Services

In 2008 we started to explore the possibility to avoid forest degradation and deforestation in PNG with the local communities who own the forest land. Initially this was attempted by introducing FSC certified logging with mobile installations, instead of granting concessions to large logging and oil palm companies, but it turned out that the income generated with that activity wasn’t enough for the land owners to withstand the temptations; additional income had to be generated through PES. A combined IFM/REDD carbon methodology is being developed by Scope14+. More information