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With over 29 years of experience in tropical forestry, sustainable forest management and climate change, Eveline Trines, Scope14+’s founding director, has supported numerous projects, coordinated and made contributions to policy studies, helped develop standards and fund structures for green and inclusive landscape investments, and provided business advice on sustainability, net positive impact and low carbon strategies. Scope14+ is a relabeling of Treeness Consult which was founded in December 2002 and merged for 4 years into Silvestrum until the 4th quarter of 2012.
Clients include UN organisations (UNDP, UN-REDD, FAO), utility companies, environmental NGOs, private sector businesses, intergovernmental organizations – including the UNFCCC implementing agencies and the IPCC; certification bodies, forestry companies and ministries of environment, foreign affairs, agriculture and nature.
Eveline Trines holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Forestry with honours and has been granted a certificate for her contribution to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.